Car Servicing

At Torpoint MOT & Tyres Ltd we are highly trained and experienced, specialising in full servicing for all makes and model of motor vehicle including petrol and diesel with full workshop facilities for mechanical repairs.

Vehicle servicing at Torpoint MOT & Tyres Ltd is completed to an exceptionally high quality and very competitively priced with costs at approximately half the price of what you will be charged at a main car dealership. Once we have checked your car over and identified what work is required, we will not progress any further work until you have given us permission to do so.

  • Oil and filter change
  • All fluids checked and topped up 
  • General vehicle inspection
  • Fuel treatment 
  • Oil and filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Replace spark plugs 
  • Replace pollen filter 
  • Wheels removed brakes cleaned and adjusted 
  • Full vehicle inspection
  • Fuel treatment 

We hope that customers can appreciate that all cars are different and the cost of the parts varies considerably depending on the make and model. We would love to be able to charge a standard fee for servicing and parts but unfortunately it costs considerably more to service a Rolls Royce than a Reliant Robin. Therefore, Torpoint MOT & Tyres Ltd are only able to confirm the cost of the vehicle parts  at the time of providing the estimate for the service required.

Motor vehicles vary on how often they require a service. Some motor vehicles require a service every 10,000 miles, once a year or your vehicle  may have long life or variable servicing. Torpoint MOT & Tyres Ltd will be happy to advise what is best for your car or you can check your manufacturer’s service handbook which will also clarify this for you. The type of service you need can be affected by how you use your car therefore routine servicing and repair is good practice and provides a return on investment as it:-

  • Reduces the cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle 
  • Reduces unforeseen and possible breakdown risks
  • Reduces vehicle time off the road
  • Provides potential for greater fuel economy


To book your vehicle in for a service please contact us on 01752 659619.